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Lyrics :
  Panthusak Jakkapak       
Rhythm :  Surasee Itthikun              
Vocal :  EDWARD  VANZO            


Judge us from our work
Every task is challenging
Excellency is a necessity
We all work hard to achieve the same goal

Our work is also our pride
So we must do everything perfectly
Show the world that we are professionals
And that makes us trustworthy

* Topgun makes everything possible
Topgun is always one step ahead in innovations
New generation, professionals, are our manpower
We work hard, we work fast, we work like a professional

We love our work and our colleges
We are disciplined and do everything neatly
We are careful with every single detail
We are good at heart
We will do anything for a perfect work

We try new things, create new things, and we want them to be known widely
Our value can be measured by our work

May Topgun always be at the top of everything

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