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Under the Same Roof

Lyrics/ rhythm : 
Chalermsak Noisri
(ex-HRD Senior Executive)      
Vocal :  
Suriya Pueangthai                  
Producer : 
Ecru  Music             


You have come here with faith and hope
H.R.D at Topgun won’t let you down
Though we’ve come from different places, our goal is the same
Together, we’ll make our dream come true

Under the same roof, we are one family
Whether you’re new or old, you belong to our family
Whenever you are down, you still have us around
To comfort and support you always

H.R.D is here to help you through
To support you to achieve that goal
One day we will make you a star 

We love you, and we care about you
We know you have always devoted yourself to perfection
And whenever you’re down, don’t forget you still have us around

Always keep on going
The star is not out of your reaching
It’s not that far
The stars are there for you
Just reach out and one day you will find
You can reach for that star

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