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Super Resume
     01 What is Super Resume
     02 How to create
     03 How to Apply for jobs
     04 Super Attached File
           - How to Upload
- How to Apply
Super E-recruit
Recruitment Agency


How to Upload your own resume to the SAF system

1. The first step is to register with us. When you have completed this, you will be able to
    login to your homepage.
2. Once you register and login you will be able to upload your resume by clicking “Upload
    Addition file” in order to transfer your resume to SAF system.
3. If you would like to upload the other document to SAF system, for example,
    transcripts, certification or residence registrations etc, please click “Upload Addition file”
    in your homepage to transfer your other documents to SAF system.
4. You can edit the SAF Cover by clicking “Edit”
5. In addition, you can upgrade the “SAF Cover” to “Super Resume” by clicking “Upgrade
    Super resume”. This will help you to send your application to be effectively.


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