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Super Resume
     01 What is Super Resume
     02 How to create
     03 How to Apply for jobs
     04 Super Attached File
           - How to Upload
- How to Apply
Super E-recruit
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What is Super Attached File

Super Attached File (SAF) is a new service that allows jobseekers to upload important files such as resumes, transcripts, certificates, photos, house certificates, once and save these files to the SAF system.

Why you should use Super Attached File
Because you can use your own resume and
1. Save time applying for multiple jobs. ‘Upload’ all documents only once.There is no need
    to upload again and again everytime you want to apply for a job. Once your files are
    uploaded, they will be saved and stored in the system. After you upload your files, all
    you have to do when applying for jobs is click ‘Send’.
2. SAF cover sheet will summarize your brief profile to HR in one standardized format.
    This will give HR your top line profile before the recipient really looks into the details of
     your resume.


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