1. Predict Competencies from Sports and Hobbies
Sports and hobbies train people and help them develop competencies. Our study of 17,000 samples means we can interpret how sports and hobbies can predict a person’s competencies. This study will open a new era of recruitment and training. Find out more at www.superhris.com/SportsAndHobbiesPredictCompetencies.html.

2. Strengths Test
Our Strengths Test offers 102 choices of strengths, from which only five can be chosen. When you try our strengths test with your co-workers, you will be surprised that the chosen five strengths of your friends clearly explain their talents/competencies. This test is invaluable for the recruitment and training process. Find out more at www.superhris.com/StrengthsTest.html.

3. Super Resume Format
Combining the innovations of predicting competencies from sports and hobbies and the strengths test, plus many more features, Super Resume Format helps candidates best present themselves in terms of their individual strengths, personality, and working experiences. Super Resume will empower HR to accurately read candidates’ profiles in depth and find the right candidates.
Find out more at www.superhris.com/SuperResumeFormat.html.

4. Super Resume Score Point
This new technology will help HR to more objectively and scientifically assign marks and rank every resume for the screening process. Find out more at www.superhris.com/SuperResumeScorePoint.html.

5. SuperResume Center
The SuperResume Center will break through the old boundaries of traditional e-recruitment systems, which require candidates to create a new resume each time they apply for a job with a new company. Unlike other software, once a SuperResume is created, it is stored in our database. The created resume is not intended exclusively for any one company, so candidates can send and resend it to any company that has an available position for which they qualify. Candidates are encouraged to apply for jobs through the system, and the plentiful number of resumes created by job seekers each day will ensure that the system lists the largest number of talented and qualified job candidates on the web. www.superhris.com/SuperResumeCenter.html.

          These five innovations are combined into one service called Super E-Recruit.


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