1) Reduces the burden of managing incoming resumes without losing candidates     who are interested in applying to a company. Unlike other systems,
    Super E-Recruit helps HR fill vacancies without having to depend on resume
    files attached from other sources. This means there is no need for HR
    personnel to work manually on attached resumes. The Super E-Recruit system
    encourages candidates to create their resumes and apply for positions within
    the system.

a) All candidates want to get their dream job. Not only do they want to send their own
    resume as an email attachment, but they are looking for the best resume tool to
    present their profiles and increase their chances of being hired. Super Resume (the only
    copyrighted resume builder application) is the best tool for presenting candidates'
b) Candidates who use proprietary (closed system) software to create their resumes on
    company A's system cannot send them to company B. The Super Resume is a non-
    proprietary (open) system that allows candidates to send their resumes anywhere,
    which encourages them to create their resume using this software system.
c) The Super Resume is more user-friendly compared to other software. Our list of choices
    guide the candidate through the resume building process. Our aim is to satisfy
    candidates first, before we can successfully get everything we want.

With other e-recruitment software, candidates are not encouraged to apply for positions
via the system in which they create their resumes. Although few records exist of how
many potential candidates are lost, we have a record showing that out of 10,000 resumes
submitted to one company through other e-recruitment programs, only 3,000 were sent
via the system. The remaining 7,000 resumes came through other sources - such as job
Web sites or newspapers - submitted as attached files sent via email to the HR
department. This means that 70% of HR's work must be done manually, outside the

2) Empowers HR to accurately read candidates' profiles in depth in order to find     the right candidates.
The Strengths and Aptitudes features of Topgun (another copyrighted tool that predicts hidden competencies from candidates' sports and hobbies) can help HR to detect more competencies from candidates' profiles, critical additional information that is key to hiring the top candidates. The right candidates can learn their jobs in no time, which increases company productivity. By hiring the best staff, a company can exceed other companies' growth in the market.

3) Reduces the lead time to fill positions
a) Because Super Resume's format allows HR to more quickly read candidates' profiles in
    depth, it cuts the lead time for recruitment. For example, instead of interviewing 10
    candidates to get one person who is right for a position, Super Resume can save HR
    time by only having to screen 3-5 potential candidates.
b) The complete content in Super Resume and the Super E-Recruit computerized system
    allows HR to screen candidates in depth. Also, its Score Point technology allows HR to
    rank potential candidates more objectively and scientifically, from the highest to the
    lowest scores. HR can then more easily, quickly and accurately screen candidates,
    further reducing the recruitment lead time.
c) Most importantly, Super E-Recruit's fully computerized system can work for HR
    throughout the entire process without losing any potential candidates. HR can rely
    solely on the system without having to manually work with other sources of data
    outside the system.

4) Enables significant cost savings and good investments
a) Reducing the recruitment lead time to 30 days can help increase a company's
    productivity. For instance, cutting the lead time to recruit a sales representative to 30
    days or less could mean giving the sales representative one extra month to work, which
    could increase revenues from up to $10,000 to $100,000 (this would vary by
    company). Imagine if HR could reduce the lead time for recruiting 50-100 employees
    per year by using the Super E-Recruit system: company productivity would likely
    increase more than $50 million.
b) Eliminating the hidden costs of managing the 70% of resumes that are outside the
    e-recruitment system can save time and money. By using the Super E-Recruit System,
    HR can eliminate several steps required to manage that other 70%: no more printing
    them for manual screening of candidates and then re-entering some of those resumes
    into the system. Eliminating those steps means less time and effort and a lower HR
c) Reducing the number of HR personnel responsible for the recruitment process can also
    save time and money. Some of our clients reduce their recruitment team from 14 to 2
    persons, which represents a significant savings in salaries alone each year. Some of
    those HR personnel can be transferred to do other more valuable jobs than managing
d) Providing HR a signficant return on its investment makes the Super E-Recruit System
    a good investment.

5) Replaces traditional software with the Super E-Recruit, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
The Super E-Recruit System is an innovative service. HR are ensured that the system will
be developed to serve their needs. The Super Resume Score Point function and
Prediction of Candidates' Hidden Competencies from Sports and Hobbies come with the
system at no added expense.

In contrast, other e-recruitment software eventually stops improving, especially when the
implementation process is done. When HR's realm of knowledge changes, traditional
software systems will not be able to change with it. With traditional software systems,
adjusting the system is difficult and requires high expense, so it tends to remain static,
unable to change to meet HR's evolving needs. And when a newer version of the
software is available, it is is difficult and takes some time to implement the system.


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