The Concept | Mobile Movie
Intensive rural advertising & marketing

Thailand is a country of nearly 60 million persons with only about 10 million persons living in Bangkok and other major urban centers. Outdoor movies are a favorite entertainment for the remaining 50 million consumers most of them work in agriculture, fishing or related occupations and live throughout the “up country” rural areas. A company which sponsors such and event therefore receives a tremendous amount or attention. At the same time. It provides an excellent opportunity to promote both the companies and their products.

A mobile-movie provides the opportunity to advertise on the big screen in addition to promoting the event and products beforehand through sound trucks and promotional materials. At the movie showing, product samples can be distributed.

And if you seek special push in distribution and off-takes to correct a particular weak market or to strengthen and already strong market against your competitors, we will design a special program to coordinate with Mobile-Movie drives for you.

With units assigned to different locals and regions, a wide audience can be directly selected and targeted.

All in all, a very comprehensive. Intensive marketing package for the rural market.

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