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The Concept


UCD sound ad is the best supporting medium to penetrate up-c urban market. It is a store-wide advertising in provincial department store & supermarkets where your target consumers can make buying decision immediately.


UCD SOUND AD: The best supporting medium for urban UP – C Market.

 1. To reach more than 2.6 million shoppers of 32 department stores in 20 key provinces.
 2. Your target consumers can make buying decision immediately.  
 3. Your advertising message will get more attention as there will be Attention tune before your      advertising spots.
 4. Most cost efficiency, CPM is 104.61
 5. Have proven record of resulting in sale increased.

Our UCD sound ad gives serious marketers the edge right in the stores, right where it counts.
Up-country department stores and super market are super concentrated: “Share and Volume” Outlet, Much like their Bangkok counterparts. With your ad repeatedly announced throughout the stores’ own internal system, you get the last say in reminding shoppers that you’re products are the ones they should buy. Don’t lose out where it counts let UCD sound ad put you on the winning side of the war.

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