Why HR Should Use Jobtopgun.com

1. Jobtopgun.com has the largest candidate database in Thailand,

with 705,664 members (as of January 5, 2009), because we have Super Resume, a resume that helps candidates best present their profile and that the most talented candidates choose to create. Other job Web sites rely on resume forms that are too simplistic and do not allow candidates to create and present their best profiles. Most candidates do not trust in this kind of resume, causing them to send their resumes to the HR departments of their target firms through HR email, an action that excludes these important jobseekers from the database. And that makes other job websites have smaller database compared to Jobtopgun.

2. Your job will not only be viewed by 40,000 job seekers per day on our     website,
but our Job Match service will also send your job description directly to the e-mail inbox of candidates in our largest database with 705,664 members who meet your job requirements.

3. We have the most talented, most highly qualified job seekers in our database, as we are the only Job website that have continually participated, for the last nine years, in Thailand’s key university job fairs and lectures (e.g., Chula, Thammasat, Kasetsat, KMITL, Mahidol, ABAC).

4. Our Job Match system is both practical and dependable,
as we can match candidates to your exact job specifications and send your available positions via e-mail to qualified candidates listed in our database.

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