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Topgun: the Chief Leader in Mini Billboard in Bangkok and Major Cities in Thailand

Topgun invents the Strategic Locations Mapping, a device that helps indicate each mini billboard’s impact by setting a score criteria to rank each city’s top ten effective mini billboard location, for our customer’s consideration.

Score Criteria


: The traffic heaviness and the number of people in the neighborhood
A = 10 pts. – indicates that the traffic in the location is heavy all day long
B = 8 pts. – indicates that the traffic in the location is heavy at specific hours
C = 6 pts. – indicates that the traffic in the location is light

: The visibility of the mini board in the location
On the 4-way junction, T junction with the mini billboard directly facing the approaching
cars = 4 pts.
T junction or around a curve, with the mini billboard slantly facing the approaching
cars = 3 pts.
On a deck of the roadside buildings, with the mini billboard facing the approaching cars
on the road = 2 pts.
In front of the roadside buildings, with the mini billboard paralleling with the road = 1 pt.

: The number of lanes that the mini billboard is perceivable to the drivers. Generally, the mini billboard is visible to the drivers for 2 lanes. But if the mini billboard is located where it can be perceived on 2 roads, then the number of lanes that it can be perceived may multiple to 4.
4 lanes = 4 pts.
3 lanes = 3 pts.
2 lanes = 2 pts.
1 lanes = 1 pts.

: The outstandingness of the mini billboard located in each location, indicated by size, the visibility distance, perceptive height, and the sight blockages (trees or other billboards) of the mini billboard. The highest is 4 pts.
A = The mini billboard is the only outstanding one in the neighborhood and is in a good perceptive height
A- = The mini billboard is located in the neighborhood among some other billboards
B = The mini billboard is in the perceptive height, but is small-sized and located among other billboards

: The mini billboard is located nearby local markets, schools, or local transport station
*Remark: Very good = 20+ pts          Good = 19-17 pts.       Fair = 16-15 pts.

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